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MELOR045: 1Blip2 : Onka

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What do you do when a couple of producers at the top of their game take time out from making pounding dancefloor cuts and indulge themselves with a little Balearic Techno, then make two killer tunes that you want to put out on your fledgling label? Then tell you that their identities must be kept secret at all costs?
When the music is as good as this, and the boys are as hype and determined as these two, there's not a lot you can do except respect their wishes, find a suitably random, ambiguous picture, like a dog in a mini for example, and get on with releasing the tunes with love and care.
As this is the Melodica Recordings we present an A side and a B side for you to enjoy.
The A side is a killer called ‘Alone.’ It will work as well in a cocktail bar in London as it does at a sunset spot in Ibiza (we know we have tried both), and its bottom is heavy enough to kick in a club too (yes we have tried that too).
On the flip you will find the pumpy, side-chained, trigger happy ‘Took My Love,’ almost as good but slightly more quirky than it's perky compadre on the A side.Together they make a perfect, pared down package, no remixes, no waste, just a great imaginary 12 to add to your virtual collection.
1Blip2. Woof. Beep. Woof. Woof.

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