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Crackpot love music; they enjoy making it in their outback studio in inner Melbourne.
They gather eclectic instruments around them, from vibraphones to talkie-phones. They are very shy and mostly come out at night. Crackpot are Jade D'Adrenz (Vocals), Martin Moose (Keys and Guitars), DJ Phil Ransom (Beats and Mixing).
‘Robopotamus / Star’ is the fourth release on Melodica Recordings and their first single for Chris Coco's new label. Because this is Melodica there is an A-side and a B-side, no remixes, no waste, just two great tunes for you to enjoy; an imaginary 7" to add to your virtual collection.
The A side, ‘Robopotamus’ is about a little Robopotamus who is sweeping out the leaves in his own head when one slips out of his ear and floats down to earth. A blobby arpeggiator riding on a beat with a concealed wooden leg, sung softly over your shoulder for your ear only.
The B-side, ‘Star,’ is for the last loser in the bar and the bravest men on earth - dreaming big and deserted at their posts. A twinkling constellation of space-junk synth paints the night sky.
Created in Australia for Australia's harsh musical conditions.

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