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No Logo
"This City Never Sleeps & Easy"

A cover of one of the best songs of 80s band Eurythmics by two contemporary Balearic maestros. No Logo is a special collaboration between Steve Miller, the super producer behind downtempo sensation Afterlife and renowned, versatile DJ and long standing Mambo, Ibiza resident Pete Gooding.
“I have always loved the Eurythmics but I had never heard the original until Pete Gooding played it to me and suggested we should cover it. I love the way Annie’s lyrics captured the sense of helplessness in the city, the subway sounds like a cattle train thundering along, people packed into tiny flats for extortionate rents, conscious lyrics at their best.”
“No Logo was born out of my relationship with Steve that started when we were compiling the Mambo CDs. We discovered a mutual love of Balearic orientated music and thats what the project became and encompasses: chill out, electronica, drum and bass, deep house and Latin inspired stuff.
Danny Whitehead used to play This City Never Sleeps when he was the Mambo, Ibiza resident with me in 2000. It sounded amazing in ibiza and I had never heard it before so I liked that it wasn't an obvious cover.”
As well as the Original this package contains two very different remixes from Max Essa and a dub from Melodica label boss Chris Coco.
The No Logo album follows later in 2012.

1. This City Never Sleeps Buy Track ( 0.94 0.85)
2. Easy Buy Track ( 0.94 0.85)
3. This City Never Sleeps [Max Essa Mix] Buy Track ( 0.94 0.85)
4. This City Never Sleeps [Max Essa Dub] Buy Track ( 0.94 0.85)
5. This City Never Sleeps [Chris Coco Dub] Buy Track ( 0.94 0.85)
Buy All Tracks ( 4.14 3.72)