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City Reverb
"Roll On"

City Reverb are a band / There are 3 members / A DJ / A Musician / And a Singer / They like Kraftwerk / But they also like Nick Drake.
This single is the first new material since 2009's Lost City Folk album. As this is the Melodica Recordings we present an A side and a B side for you to enjoy. No remixes, no waste, just a great imaginary 7" to add to your virtual collection.
Here is what singer Micky says about the songs:
“Roll on is a song about wanting something for so long that when you get it, you're not sure if you want it anymore. It's got a 60's soul influence, updated by the synths and drum machine. Although I know we wrote it, for some reason I can listen to it like it was someone else's song. All You Need is an acoustic track featuring field recordings and glockenspiel. A proclamation of love in a faithless world... I guess I try to live according to these lyrics.”
Chris Coco, Nick Cornu and Micky Buccheri met during the sessions for Lost City Folk (Dumb Angel), an album which expanded Chris' original dance oriented tracks into mini symphonies about London life in the 21st Century. On completing what was primarily a recording project, the idea of creating a band began to emerge - a project which would draw on the strengths and character of each member.
The new group aesthetic relies on an economy of sounds. It's a "less is more" approach that strips each song to its bare bones to reveal the honest beauty of its structure. Happy/sad melodies shimmer above crisp machine rhythm. Plaintive synth lines waft through the mix like London fog. The dub bass is insistent while finger-picked acoustic guitars sew the elements together.
The resultant sound is minimal but not stark; the songs often hint at a rustic wonder of the modern world. After months of experimenting, the three Londoners are finally honing a brave and singular voice.

1. Roll On
2. All You Need