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City Reverb
"Edgelands EP"

Art rock trio City Reverb return to Melodica Recordings with an EP of warm, electro-acoustic, urban folk songs. Chris Coco, Nick Cornu and Micky Buccheri met during the sessions for Lost City Folk (Dumb Angel), an album which expanded Chris' original dance oriented tracks into mini symphonies about London life in the 21st Century.
On completing what was primarily a recording project, the idea of creating a band began to emerge - a project which would draw on the strengths and characters of each member. The new group aesthetic relies on an economy of sounds. It's a "less is more" approach that strips each song to its bare bones to reveal the honest beauty of its structure. Happy-sad melodies shimmer above crisp machine rhythm. Plaintive synth lines waft through the mix like London fog.
The Edgelands EP is a collection of songs about living in the actual and metaphorical, emotional Edgelands. This is urban pastoral, the place where the retail park meets the canal meets the wasteland meets the landfill meets the new housing estate meets the countryside.
It's about building up the courage to run away, then deciding to stay and fight it out. It's about being trapped in a car in a traffic jam that lasts for days. It's a plane in a holding pattern in the Bovingdon Stack. It's about the pain of staying up all night and the joy of seeing the sun rise over the Tesco Metro. It's about the way we live now.

1. Wings
2. Morning [Chris Coco Balearic Version]
3. Lonely Road
4. Give Away