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MELOR003: 1Blip2 : Alone

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1Blip2 : Alone
1Blip2 : Took My Love

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Way back in 2012 for our third release a couple of producers at the top of their game took time out from making pounding dancefloor cuts and kindly delivered us the Balearic Techno gem Alone. Back at the time they told us that we had to keep their identities must be kept secret at all costs. So we did.
Roll forward 2016 and mysterious pair show up at our door again with a follow up. The mysteriously titled "Onka".
Onka may reference African spirits but the music is pure balearic. Not of the traditional kind the techno kind. Yes we hear you.. not two genres often put together but give it a listen and you will see what we mean. Detuned techno drums, synthwash pad and lazy groove. All tied up with a tale.
The remix comes from West Coast based Aimes. The chilled house specialist really delivers the goods. His remix is falls into two distinct parts. The first half is brooding Balearic electronic house but for the second half he opens up the throttle and brings in the bass for a highly satisfied ramble into the Balearic house territory.

Written and Produced by 1Blip2 at a secret location in central London.
Remix & Additional Production on 02. by Aimes.
Published by Copyright Control.
(P) & (C) 2016 Melodica Recordings.

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