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Glass Coffee, Ft. Maiken Sundby
"Songs Of Lost Loves And Water EP"

Melodica Recordings returns in February with the debut single from Rome’s producer Glass Coffee, including 3 tracks which features the lovely voice of Norwegian Jazz singer Maiken Sundby.
After releasing the incredibly well received return album from Coco, Steel & Lovebomb, London-based Melodica Recordings took a break to prepare to release more outstanding electronica. Following releases from the likes of Ben Hauke, Liston and Haraket, Chris Coco’s imprint returns with the first EP from Rome-based producer Glass Coffee, the man behind the soundtrack at Singita Miracle Beach Club, being the resident there for 8 years playing every day throughout spring and summer, sound-tracking more than 1500 sunsets. There, he also signed a successful compilation alongside the chillout godfather Josè Padilla. Famous for his very eclectic taste and for being a maniac for details, his passion allows him to go from chillout to deep house always aiming for quality, exporting his formula worldwide being guest in many famous clubs, such as his latest successful night at Siddharta Lounge Dubai.
The DJ’s label debut, the Songs of Lost Loves and Water E.P., features heartfelt lyrics from singer Maiken Sundby, vocalist of Folk/Jazz outfit Of Embla. It is mixed by Chris Coco and adds itself comfortably to the hallmark ambient, Balearic Melodica sound. The four tracker begins with the stripped back Forever Gone featuring the wavering, pearlescent voice of Maiken Sundby, tainted with melancholy and permeated by a moody but ethereal atmosphere. Desert Road To M.O.E is another simply arranged track, a repeating vocal motif sits over chilled synths and diamond bright chimes. More meditative lyrics from Sundby grace the third track, Don’t Go, layered on top of a pared down arpeggiated synthesizer sounds and reverberating beats, the track subtly swells with strings towards its end leading us to the final track of the E.P. The Leaf Was Sleeping On The Roof is a collection of soothing sounds arranged as if to empty the mind, a blissed out ending to this ambient chillout record.
This E.P is out on the 19th January and will be available to be purchased in digital format.

1. Forever Gone Buy Track ( 0.94 0.85)
2. Desert Road To M.O.E. Buy Track ( 0.94 0.85)
3. Don't Go Buy Track ( 0.94 0.85)
4. The Leaf Was Sleeping On The Roof Buy Track ( 0.94 0.85)
Buy All Tracks ( 3.42 3.08)