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Fritz Catlin (ex 23 Skidoo) and Mr Diablo (ex Welfare Heroine/Pinky McClure and the Puritans) take a non-interventionist approach to making their reggae and funk fusions. In a world of computer fixed perfection they choose to be defined by their limitations. The spontaneity of the moment is everything!
Their forthcoming 12" single Magpie, release number two on Chris Coco's new label Melodica Recordings, is one of the finest results of these jam sessions that take place in percussionist / melodica player Fritz's home studio in London Fields. Fritz used to be in cult 80’s post-punk band 23 Skidoo and he still likes his bass heavy and his grooves a little raw.
The A side (featuring the enigmatic Kerieva on vocals) is a floaty, lilting groove that feels somehow concrete-fluoro urban and earthily rural at the same time. Fritz's melodica floats like a snake charmer's lament between the intertwining vocal lines. Imagine the Slits taking a breather on a sunny afternoon and you're half way there.
That's followed in rhythmic fashion, by ‘Downstairs Dubbing’, the original dub that in this case existed before the vocals.
On the B side is a fine Architeq remix of the aforementioned ‘Downstairs Dubbing’. The on-point producer pumps the bass, adding a straight kick and some 808 elements to make a proper basement groover. Completing a standout package is the quirky Qualifide remix of cool album track Balmes Road Rock.
Skintologists' album ‘Dubble Trubble’ will be release on Melodica Recordings in spring 2012.

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