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Sad Radio On Cassini

Dreamy, emotive synthwash music from the musical diary of Dimitri Ivanov.

Dmitri Ivanov (aka) Sad Radio On Cassini is a Russian artist from the Kola Peninsula. Electrician engineer during the day, Dmitri is much more of a dreamer in his free time. 'Sad radio on Cassini' takes is origin from a sample of the NASA website used in his eponymous track. The main purpose of his project is to share his emotions. According to him, each track consists of a mixture of the atmosphere, space, loneliness, relationships and memories. As he says 'every track represent something I miss, or tell different stories from my life'. To sum up, Sad radio On Cassini could be seen as a musical diary and collection of his thoughts.
The EP starts with 'Nevermind', a perfect introduction to the artist universe. Floating bells, glorius synth and dreamy bass line create this special majestic and cinematic atmosphere of Sad Radio on Cassini. The second track 'Sun Field' can be seen as the second chapter, after entering his world you are discovering his different emotions. Hypnotic and delicate melodies, pad sounds and guitar will bring you on an endless walk of peacefulness.

Written and Produced by Dimitry Ivanov.
Published by Dharma Songs.
(P) & (C) 2017 Melodica Recordings

1. Nevermind
2. Sun Field