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"Skyscraper EP"

There is one thing you can be sure about when Melodica Recordings is about to release something: it will always be forward thinking music. This March they are dropping Leeds-based producer Liston’s new single ‘Skyscraper’, a four track EP that includes an incredible range of influences and genres. Growing up with soul and hip hop music and with a Jazz and classical Piano background, Liston has quickly discovered the vast array of underground electronic music and everything has changed in his music production since then.
After his well received single on XVI Records, his forthcoming single on Melodica Recordings is a big step on. Here he uses his musical background to make sample free compositions that fuse his early classical influences with his current love for 21st century electronic music, mixing electronica with deep house and leftfield with experimental.
This is what Liston has to say about his latest work:
“I made the EP to symbolize a journey, however this is not limited to travel but is supposed to give a constant sense of movement. Each track has main sections and motifs within those parts that intertwine and move around each other, and are accentuated by the transition sections where elements are slowly brought out of the tracks while new ones begin to emerge. I composed this in a similar way structurally to when I just used to compose classical music for piano, and is very different to the way I've produced the music I usually make. However I've still retained my influences from soul and jazz in terms of the melodic structure and chord progressions.”

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