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Electric Zeus

For the next release on Melodica Recordings we travel from London to Sydney, with a quick stop off in Ibiza on the way. Electric Zeus are DJ Shane SoS and producer Steve 'The Captain' Peacock.
Shane spends his life in the summer. When the sun is strong in the southern Hemisphere he's at home in Sydney, as it makes it's way north for the European summer he decamps to Ibiza. Is he living life at double speed? Who knows, but he certainly has a good tan.
The Captain used to live in UK but now spends most of his time in his studio in Sydney adding to his vast store of musical and technical knowledge.
As this is a Melodica Recordings release there's an A-side and a B-side. The A is Believe, a chugging slice of slo-mo electronic disco for back rooms, bars and after parties.
The B is Sunscape, which kind of does what it says on tin, it's a beautiful Balearic piece, perfect for soundtracking a magic moment on the sunset strip or the ashram or a harbour side warehouse party.
That's it really, more good times music from Melodica Recordings. So let's leave the last word with the boys themselves and allow them a moment of reflection and indulgence:
'Our spacey deep house sounds and progressive electronica are timeless reminders of the power of good music, and of the inspiration it can bestow on life. Enjoy some often.'

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