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"Taint & Attgo"

Introducing Haraket, a 5 piece from South London who are set to release their debut 12" / digital single on Melodic Recordings this Spring. The band emerg4ed from the creative chaos of school and college bands in and around Peckham that have already given the world King Krule.
Haraket fuse wall-of-sound dynamics with often delicate source material, moody electronics, programmed beats and effected vocal lines. Think a post dubstep version of early Underworld or A Certain Ratio reinvented by the new digital century. 'Taint' / 'Attgo' showcases the young band's keen ear for contrast, sensuous tonal material and high drama, something that is reflected ten-fold in their live shows. To accompany the two original tracks the band have commissioned three remixes from the likes of Djrum, BBC 'Sound Of 2013' nominee King Krule with Jamie Isaac, and Mokadem.
'Taint' is a slow-building, intricate guitar track built around the vocal tones of Abigail Hardiman, sounding mostly live for the first part before subtle electronics begin to permeate the surface. The arrangement is crisp, nodding to the clean percussive tones of Foals, before an all-out cymbal smashing crescendo ensues and the sultry tones are thrown into waves of cacophonous delays.
'Attgo' shows the band's brooding melancholic side, with all source material heavily augmented with digital processes and effects. The vocals of Ogul-can Genc are short and barely recognisable, acting like breathy musical punctuation. The off kilter synth lines and percussion throughout hint at the cavernous dread of early 2005 dubstep, pairing it with banks of crushed guitars and live drums.
Djrum follows on from his accomplished work on 2nd Drop records with a captivating take on 'Taint', morphing it into something of a polar opposite. It's moody and dark, sounding like the soundtrack of a film Noir with Hardiman's vocals appearing in a new, smoky light.
Local boy and man of the moment King Krule teams up with Jamie Isaac to roll things right down for a dubby downtempo refix. By leaving out the guitars, introducing some strings and reeling out the dub FX, they've created a perfect little sun-drenched oddity.

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