Rush & Must Not Be Mentioned


Welcome to the latest instalment from Melodica Recordings; two hazy pop gems from misty eyed lo-fi duo Deekie. A-side Rush is a giddy mix of delicate melody and lofty rhythm, a lament for the twilight hours. B-side Must Not Be Mentioned sees the pair mine their more experimental seam.

Deekie are Mr L and Neets, and they’ve been making music together for a few years now. Sometimes it’s fun, sometimes it’s a compulsion; every now and then it creates a whopping big dispute. Must Not Be Mentioned arrived at just one of those moments. But we are very pleased it’s seeing the light of day and that their musical wrangle has finally been strangled! Now we all know who was right, for once and for all…


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B. Must Not Be Mentioned

Both songs written and recorded by Mr L and Neets at Deekie HQ, London
Polished and mastered by: Carim Clasmann at Fishtank Studios, Cologne
Published by Pictures International
Artwork by Chantal Awbi