I Got The Feeling


Swedish duo Dagfest is made up of Mats Lundgren and Patrico Cabezas. The Dagfest project is what happens when a techno producer and a vinyl addicted record shop worker get together and make music. It’s sample-tastic, meaty, beaty balearic, disco tinged loveliness. The duos energy lies in pushing to open up the cosmos of dance music. Soulful most of the times when not being acid or deep. Here at Melodica a big summer record is usually part of the agenda and for 2015 “I’ve Got the Feeling” is that record.

The track itself samples an unreleased 70s track by James Walsh’s band Gypsy. The sample provides the catch vocal hook. The original - As the Sound Injections blog put it – sounds like ”Tropical dance infused groovy illusion that paints images of umbrella cocktails and golden sand beaches with wet bodies grooving inside an undiscovered heaven! The moment you press play, you can taste the Summer around you". Here here.

On the remix duty first up is UK based Tikenots who turns in a jazzy, scat-flavoured house rerub with barrels of energy. Next its off to Italy where DJ Rocca lays on the octaving analog bassline with aplomb. His disco house remix with stabby organ and piano is a perfect uptempo moment to round off this prime-time summer EP.


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Written by James Walsh, Patricio Cabezas & Mats Lundgren.
Recorded & mixed by Patricio Cabezas.
All instruments by Patricio Cabezas.
Remix & Additional Production on Track 3 by Titeknots, Track 4 by DJ Rocca.
Published by Copyright Control.

Contains portions of ”I’ve Got The Feeling” used by permission of James Walsh. All rights reserved.