Everywhere At Once EP


“Deekie combine field recordings, electronic blip, and ethereal dream pop in a creation that alternates between disturbing and disorienting beauty…” Ad Hoc

“Deekie excel at creating drone-like dream pop…” No Fear of Pop

“Soft pulsations and synth vibrations carry you along like a handmade raft on a slow-moving river. Keep your eye out for more tracks from this lovely pair…” Decoder Mag

“Ones to watch…” Les InRocks

We’re excited to bring you the latest instalment from lo-fi London duo Deekie. The title track from the Everywhere At Once EP came about after Neets threw down the gauntlet to Mr L and insisted he write a straight-up pop song.

He welcomed the challenge and responded with a five-minute slice of eighties synth-pop. Moody verses give way to soaring choruses as the track gradually picks up pace. Mr L cooks the beats with an incessant drum loop and ticking hi-hat that collide with analogue Korg lines to transport you back three decades…

'Flow Tomorrow' is a stripped back Sunday afternoon song that Neets put together while tinkering with a huge slab of synth that had just arrived in the Deekie studio. Completely beatless, the song ebbs and flows its way through waves of live analogue melody and vocal murmurs.

Nocturnal track 'Over Now' is also almost instrumental in its approach; Mr L’s ghostly vocals whisper infinite fears deep into the night. Words get lost in the mix, swallowed up by washes of guitar and keyboards that shift the dynamic. Although written in the early hours, the arranging and mixing process carried on past day break, when percussive echoes floated down the hall to where neets was sleeping…

Lo-fi lullaby Walk With Me rounds off the EP, letting you down gently with its woozy guitars and distant twinkles.

London-based Deekie have been making music for a few years now. Together they’ve scoured the city’s boot fairs, junk shops and skips to assemble a ragtag studio of vintage synths, clapped out amps and dusty old noise boxes. They have released a string of acclaimed singles and EPs, including Rush on Melodica Recordings, which received radio support from BBC 6 Music’s Tom Ravenscroft.


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Written & Produced by Mr L & Neets
Published by Pictures International