Edgelands EP


Art rock trio City Reverb return to Melodica with an EP of electro-acoustic, digital / analogue songs about living in the actual and metaphorical, emotional Edgelands. This is urban pastoral, the place where the retail park meets the canal meets the wasteland meets the landfill meets the new housing estate meets the countryside.

It's about building up the courage to run away, then deciding to stay and fight it out. It's about being trapped in a car in a traffic jam that lasts for days. It's a plane in a holding pattern in the Bovingdon Stack. It's about the pain of staying up all night and the joy of seeing the sun rise over the Tesco Metro. It's about the way we live now.


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All tracks written, performed and produced by City Reverb.
Mixed by Chris Coco at Freedom Street, London.
Master by Eugene @ Retreat Media.