Come In We're Melodica Sampler


Melodica Recordings is one year old! To celebrate this momentous event we've sent some of our favourite releases to some of our favourite artists on the label and elsewhere, for a retake, a look back, a flash forward or a new vision of the original.

On the A-side, R&S / Apollo artist Synkro goes toe to toe with Coco's 'My Desire', accompanied by a tasty refix of Deekie's track 'Rush' by recent Bicep cohort, Ejeca. On the flip Coco delivers a deep, deep take on the fluttering garage of Didz and Chico's 'When I Say' and Max Essa re-spins the dials on the No Logo cover of Eurythmics' 'This City Never Sleeps.'

Here's what label boss Chris Coco had to say:

'Doing these remixes has helped make the creative family feel that I was after at the start of this process; we're all swapping ideas and tunes now, helping each other to grow and surprising each other with great new sounds. Year two is going to be even more exciting, with fresh bands, crazy party events in tents and basements, plenty of proper quality albums on vinyl (with a free download too). But for now, sit back and relax or jump up and dance, but whatever way you do it please go ahead and enjoy this fine collection of most excellent music from some of the most wonderful people around.'

If you enjoy these tunes don't forget to track back to the original releases, all still there on the digital stores, waiting for you with open arms!


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This sampler is Vinyl Only, but comes with a FREE DOWNLOAD of the entire Come In We're Melodica vol 1 album.. plus "Didz & Chico vs Coco - When I Say" which isn't avaiable on the album version!

Written by Chris Mellor, Sacha Puttnam and Lisa Lindley-Jones.
Additional Remix And Production by Synkro.

Written and Recorded by Mr L and Neets at Deekie HQ, London.
Additional Remix And Production by Ejeca.
Published by Pictures International.

Written and produced by Aaron Small, Cayne Ramos and Vanity Johnson.
Additional Remix And Production by Chris Coco.

Written by Annie Lennox and Dave Stuart.
Additional Remix And Production by Max Essa.
Publised by DNA Ltd / BMG.