Skintologists Vinyl

After some delay the vinyl for Skintologists' single Magpie has finally arrived. Our first 12" in the rather lovely house bag. Huzzah.

Crackpot - Robopotamus

The next release is here. Melbourne's finest awkward squad with the quirky cut Robopotamus b/w the long and melancholy Star. Unmissable.




1Blip2 - first release of 2012

The first Melodica release of 2012 will come from mysterious production duo 1Blip2. The duo want to keep their identities secret, that's why we're using a picture of a dog in a mini mini. Anyhow, the music, a euphoric blast of Balearic techno, is so good it speaks for itself.

Skintologists new single


They create dub bass music from live jams. They like the way it sounds without any computer correction. They are old school musicians who make fresh, modern sounding music. 

Chris Coco - Holiday b/w Elton Dub released on October 31 2011

This is the first release on Chris Coco's new label, Melodica.

The a side features Scottish folk artist Samantha Whates doing her best to sound like the ghost of Astrud Gilberto and the clinking of ice in glasses of a rather lovely Italian rosé for inspiration and general good vibes. It's a song about needing to get away, a plea to a lover at the end of a relationship, it's highly personal and extremely universal, like a good alternative pop song should be.