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Haraket sign with MelodicaRecordings

Melodica Recordings will release the first single from the most excellent London band Haraket. We've just signed the deal (at the Gowlett Arms in Peckham if you want to know). We are excited. 

The single is called Taint, the b side, which is also really good is called Attgo. There will be remixes too.

Come In We're Melodica


Come In We're Melodica: Year one of Melodica Recordings remixed and repackaged for total consumer satisfaction!


Chris Coco - Word

Video for Deekie - Rush



MelodicaRecordings live


Chris Coco - Freedom Street album

OK. Latest news. CC - Word single is out next Monday. CC- Freedom Street album is out on vinyl and digital on 30 July. Over & out.