Haraket - İlk

İlk is coming November 2013 on 12" and digital download, featuring live favourites Level Head, Sea Grids and Moment Of Calm. Epic.

Mokadem previews new video

Melodica x We Are Tuk Tuk

Available Now: a collaborative project between Melodica Recordings and bespoke garment retailer We Are Tuk Tuk.

The ultimate Balearic DJ / Beach bag / Festival Bag is made of heavy duty cotton. It features a pocket for your phone and a zip pocket for your memory sticks, plus room for a good few 12s and 7s. The bag comes complete with a summer double header on vinyl featuring a Chris Coco remix of Jose Padilla's Elixir and the disco house beauty that is Come On by Satin Jackets, plus a My Summer Mixtape CD. 

Who could possibly ask for more?

Night Bus Launch Party

The Night Bus Album Launch Party at Power Lunches was a roadblock. The Debut live show from Amane went pretty well, as did sets from Ben Hauke, Deekie and Haraket. It was a small tragedy that we ran out of time before the Mokadem/Ojan back to back DJ set but next time it will happen.

Night Bus


Night Bus


What is Night Bus?




Introducing Haraket, a 5 piece from South London who are set to release their debut 12" / digital single on Melodica Recordings this Spring. The band emerged from the creative chaos of school and college bands in and around Peckham that have already given the world King Krule. This is the first in a series of releases with Melodica Recordings, with an album due next year. 

Chris Coco in the studio

Chris Coco has been in Ireland recording new material with the maestro Sacha Puttnam and super producer Cairan O'Shea. The session has the self-explanatory working title - Coffee, Fags and i-Pads.

James McArthur in the studio

James McArthur is in the studio recording his new single.

Melodica At The Glad

Slightly blurry pictures from Melodica at The Glad. Deekie, James McArthur, Jerkcurb and one of the decks.