Liston - Skyscraper EP - Melodica Recordings (MELOR038) out now.



About the EP:

I made the EP to symbolize a journey, however this is not limited to travel but is supposed to give a constant sense of movement. Thats why the structure is very important in the tracks, and is done differently to how I've composed before (mainly due to having a syntax, which I really enjoyed). Each track has main sections and motifs within those parts that intertwine and move around each other, and are accentuated by the transition sections where elements are slowly brought out of the tracks while new ones begin to emerge. Some of these things are very obvious, some less so. I did want to make the tracks have a proper beginning and end, however I wanted to make it obvious that elements were still lingering from the previous tracks to the next. This is all designed to create a feel of moving on to something new and different, while still having elements lingering from the previous part of the journey, I guess thats what I mean by using journey in the greater sense of the word, maybe even moving to a different stage of ones life. Going back to the structure I actually composed this in a similar way to when I just used to compose classical music for piano, and is very different to the way I've produced the music I usually make.

About Liston:

I'm 26 and I've lived in Leeds for the past 5 years, I'm originally from York but the music scene is terrible there. My Dad raised me on Soul, Funk and Blues and when I was about 12 I truly discovered hip hop and that was the first genre I truly immersed myself in. About a year after that I decided I wanted to make music, I'd played Saxophone when I was younger but it didn't really work out, piano playing I fell in love with however. I started to really get into classical music and as I had no idea how any of the modern music I loved was made, I started composing classical compositions myself. This carried on until I was about 18 and then due to many reasons got distanced from making music (listening was still a massive part of my life however). At this point I was very pigeon holed when it came to music taste, it was pretty much golden age mid 90's hip hop and nothing else. When I moved to Leeds I met some new friends who were listening to Dubstep, House and Techno. I didn't get it at first but soon fell in love with electronic music and DJing. I then started to discover that pretty much every hip hop track I loved was heavily sample based, so I then started discovering all this amazing Soul and Jazz that I'd never heard before. That soon led to producing however all my beats were hip hop instrumentals, and in the first 2 years I didn't touch a synth or real instrument, which was strange considering I was classically trained and had alot of knowledge of musical theory. Over the last few years I've steadily moved from sample based tracks to tracks with no samples whatsoever. I do love the art of sampling, but can't help feeling more satisfied when I've composed everything myself. I guess my style now is an amalgamation of my deep rooted love for hip hop music, intertwined with all the amazing influences from various electronic music that I've come across. My main aim above all else though is that music has got soul.

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